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Our mission is to build a community of children who are healthy and able to reach their highest potential, to grow strong families, and to prevent child maltreatment. 

Improving outcomes for children begins with improving the support systems for their families so that families are strong and resilient. Our vision is to build an integrated community system of health care and family support whereby every family is provided the level of support they need to ensure their children’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our services help by focusing on:

Building the citizens of tomorrowWe help parents understand how to nurture their children so that they are physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially healthy.

Empowering parents: We connect parents to community resources and to other parents. We help you learn to be a voice for your child in the wider community. Parents are their child's first and best teacher.

Building a community system of care: We work with doctors, teachers, counselors, librarians, child care providers, businesses, and service agencies so that your family receives a network of care.

Our programs include: 

Healthy Families America - This home visitation program promotes positive parenting and child health and development, thereby preventing child abuse, neglect, and other poor childhood outcomes.

Healthy Steps for Young Children - Office visits delivered by a Healthy Steps Specialist coincide with well-child pediatric visits to foster safe and healthy growth and development of children ages birth to three years. Healthy Steps is for first time parents to help promote family strengthening; promote positive parent-child interactions; and increase parent knowledge and skill in the area of child rearing, behavior management, child development and communication. Children receive regular screenings to detect and address child developmental delays. The mothers receive screening to detect and address postpartum depression. Families are connected to community resources as needed.

Nurse Family Partnership - Registered nurses (BSN) deliver the support needed for first-time moms to have a healthy pregnancy, to be responsive and responsible parents, and to give their children a great start in life. Visits are in the home and scheduled at the convenience of the moms. Services are provided for moms in Greenwood, Abbeville, McCormick, Saluda and Edgefield counties.

Reach Out and ReadMakes literacy promotion a standard part of pediatric primary care, so that children grow up with books and a love of reading. Reach Out and Read reinforces the parent’s role as the first and most important teacher, and gives parents the tools and techniques to help their children succeed. It is provided to parents of children who are six months to five years of age.

Parents as Teachers - Parents as Teachers aims to increase parent knowledge of early knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices, provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues, prevent child abuse and neglect, and increase children’s school readiness and school success.  Home visitors begin to work with parents with a newborn and follow up to age three. Children and families that are young, single, lower income are priority; however older moms, married and having other children can also be served. The PAT model has four components that are required to provide: (1) one-on-one personal home visits, (2) group connections (or meetings), (3) health and developmental screenings for children, and (4) linkages and connections for families to needed resources.

Care Coordination - Care Coordination is a family centered, relationship-based, and multi-disciplinary approach. We are serving families with special care needs through resource utilization, referrals, and follow up coordination. Care Coordination is one of the most important aspects of the care of children with special health care needs.

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